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High-achievers aren’t born that way. 

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When you learn to put our powerful life tools and strategies in place you’ll rediscover life’s passion and potential for success. Specializing in performance coaching, management consulting and personal development, Dennis can help you get there, too. 

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Strategic Planning - Leadership Training & Development - Retention Strategies - Reorganization/Transfer of Power

About Dennis

Dennis A. Tyrrell, II

Deputy Chief (ret.), M.A., CPC, C.Ht


Dennis is a highly-effective corporate and executive performance coach with nearly two decades of experience helping C-Suite executives and organizations create a solution focused, performance based, outcome driven culture. Dennis’s work as a professional counselor, 15yrs in the C-Suite, and intuitive approach give him the insights necessary to accelerate overall professional performance and effectiveness in the most efficient way possible.

After retiring from an esteemed 23 year public safety career in 2015, Dennis launched Tyrrell Coaching Solutions; a boutique, performance based consultancy providing leadership training and development, management consulting, as well as corporate and executive coaching to an international clientele. Dennis’s understanding of psychology, linguistics and human behavior as it relates to performance combined with his “no nonsense” approach gives him the unique ability to challenge the “status quo” and move clients toward their strategic outcomes in a deliberate manner.  

Dennis holds a combined graduate degree in Human Resources & Professional Counseling, is an NLP Master Trainer, an NLP Coach, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and authored “The Firefighters Guide to Mental Wellness” in 2011.  

Dennis currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona (U.S.A.) with his wife of 28 years, April. Together, they have raised two sons and are currently proud parents to two pugs, Navy & Indigo. When Dennis isn’t working with clients or facilitating training, you’re likely to find him taking a class, riding his skateboard, running a trail,  playing pickleball with April, or in the kitchen creating his next vegan masterpiece!



Master of Arts, Human Resources, Professional Counseling

Accredited by IGNLP, ICF, & IPLCA

NLP Master Trainer

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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