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The Ownership Effect


Did you know two people can look at the same object and view it completely differently as a simple result of who owns it? 

The Ownership Effect is a principal with both psychological and economic implications in the way we think about and evaluate our external world as groups, consumers and organizations. 

The Power of Words


Words Have Power Words cannot change reality, but they can change how we perceive reality. The choice of one word over another can completely change the dynamics of a meeting, presentation or personal interaction. Depending on how they’re used, the power of our words can inflict wounds, provoke violence or pacify. 

In-Extremis Performance


In-Extremis, or “extreme circumstances,” performance is a measure of leadership when it matters most - in highly-charged, dangerous or even life-threatening conditions. 

The key characteristics of leadership such as competence, trust, and loyalty are tested in these situations. In certain professions, in-Extremis performance must be anticipated and planned for by leaders and teams. 

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Organizational performance is an indication of a company's performance compared to its goals and objectives. It can be measured using three primary outcomes: financial performance, market performance and shareholder value performance.

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