Peak Performance

For Athletes


Got game? Want to keep it? Any successful athlete will tell you, it’s not easy staying at the top of your game, day after day after day. We work closely with top and rising athletes to develop customized performance plans that drive sustained commitment and confidence. We help athletes and teams achieve greater effectiveness and performance while employing the most recent innovations in sport and performance psychology. 



You've trained your body, now it's time to train your MIND.  Hypnosis is a powerful tool that connects the mind, body, and brain for a coordinated attack on the mental blocks interfering with SUCCESS.  With over 300 hours of hypnotherapy training specific to performance enhancement, a few sessions with Dennis will get you where you want to be faster than going it alone.

Power UP!


Unlock unrealized potential and maximize the performance of your team, your organization or yourself. We’ll help you learn how to remove the barriers that get in the way of attaining your goals, optimize your productivity and accelerate your success. We offer customized coaching services proven to “amp up” the performance of executives, athletes or organizations. 

For Executives


Today, true leadership means more than just showing up. Today’s best leaders understand that, in order to stay on top, it takes sustained focus, drive and creativity. And that’s no easy task. Our executive coaching services offer a customized, holistic, developmental process that will accelerate your effectiveness as a leader and provide balance in all aspects of your life. 

For Organizations


Has your organization or work team lost its spark? Does it feel like employees are “just showing up” and have lost sight of your company’s vision? Our performance coaching services are custom-designed to inspire organizations of all sizes to transform themselves from the inside out. We’ll help you reach and maintain “peak performance” through education, motivation and accountability. 

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